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Welcome to what we think is an awesome clan.

Why do we think we're good? We've been in other clans - we've seen very good and very bad! The leaders here take their shared experiences of this game and indeed life  to craft DiSoBeY 2.1.

Are we the most successful clan ever? No, obviously not. But with a fair 2:1 Win/lost ratio, regular win-streaks up to 15 in a row, and still maintaining a friendly and peaceful atmosphere at the same time, we can be proud on what we achieved so far.

We will always strive to improve though, and therefore always on the lookout for good new members. Is that you?
As a member you too are asked to bring the best of what you know, rejecting the worst and together we build upon the 2.1 foundation already laid.

We have just a few simple rules, simple to follow and laid out for the benefit of the whole clan. If you don't like them, or do not wish to abide  by them, then this is not the clan for you.

What are our basic tenants, our Stage One rules?



Firstly, it must be understood that we are a War Clan, back to back, if you don't like war this is not the place for you! 'Rules' have been put in place to assist us in working together to be a better war clan, a more successful war clan.

So, We War! We are looking for Warmongers! Those who want to war all day... And some of the night! Opting out of war only because you're too busy for a few days with real life, or you have an upgrade that will compromise your attack. If you are not into War then we suggest you look for a different clan - both you and us will be much happier for it - 2.1 is not for you.

We aim to win every war we fight in, so the best available will be selected. If you get a run of bad results, improve, ask for advice, change your attack - but don't be surprised if you're left out of selection - 2.1 is not a 'take it in turns' type of clan. We can help you get better - the principles of this game are easy and you will be given appropriate targets - but if you continuously don't or can't cut it in the groups then War is probably not you thing - and in 2.1 we War!

When we are at war: we attack in groups, you will be given a set of targets to attack. The groups will be announced by clan mail in the hours before war starts.Groups needs to be cleared (all bases 3 stared) before other targets are considered. ALWAYS get permission from a Co-Leader before attacking out of group.

When we attack we ALWAYS use our best attack. This means making sure your cc is filled with the right troops (which are max-ed), you take in the right spells (full amount of spells) and you take in a full army of your best troops.

Both attacks, every war, no excuses - if you can't commit to both attacks then opt out. We also request that all TH7-8 players get both their attacks off as soon as possible - the first MUST be in the first 12 hours of the war. Lots of cleaning up can be required in messy wars and the higher players need to see what needs to be done to secure wins.

NEVER opt in for WAR when any of your Heroes or any other critical resource like the spell factory is upgrading.


Troops and donations: We are not donations driven, we don't look at big donation numbers and think 'promotion' - we honour the troop requests, every time, no exceptions. If you don't have them then don't donate anything. We ONLY EVER put max troops in war cc - NEVER put sub-quality troops in war cc's. So save your Elixir for upgrades, that way we all benefit.

That said, this doesn't mean we won't expect our members to contribute to what is feasible for them. So although we won't hunt anyone down for just a bad donation ratio, if you always ask and never give, you probably don't have the team-spirit we are looking for, and eventually there will be no place for you in our clan.   



None of us really cares about promotion. Most people like to be recognized for being valuable to the clan, but there are many ways to do so, and promotion is just one of them. If being Elder or Co-leader is really important to you, well then again, we are probably not the right clan for you.

Getting Elder is all about trust. War regularly, and show us we can always count on you. Be helpful, advice and take advice, be a real team-player. Show yourself being a true family member, and it will be just a matter of time for you to be promoted.

If you get promoted to Elder then you will have the ability to accept new candidates - ONLY CO's ACCEPT CANDIDATES . Leaders are very active and have it covered. if you're needed to be our gate keeper then we'll tell you!

Co-leader is not a honorific title in this clan, it is a job. Co leaders are the ones that invest time and effort in running the clan. They maintain the rules, coordinate wars, and make sure things are not getting out of hand. Currently we have as many as we need need to maintain the clan, and as long as none of them leaves or take a break, we probably will not promote anyone else. So even if you are one of the best and most active members in the clan, it doesn't necessarily  mean we will promote you to Co-leader, which doesn't mean we won't value you.

We are always seeking to be mature and respectful, to our leaders and to each other. We all respect each other equally no matter the title. A Co should respect a new member as much as a new member should respect a Co. However we expect anyone to listen to a co-leader as he/she represents the Clan, and what he/she says or ask you to do is all in the clans interest. So, if a Co Leader makes a request of you take it seriously. Only Co's can write mail, so make sure you read every mail sent - any instructions need to be followed.

Leadership is shared between 4 people: MOTU, Cornish, Obelix and LupuZ, and the title is passed from one to the other with every new season. Eventually they are the ones that decide upon who should be kicked and what course to take with the clan. Co-leaders are not to kick anyone without consulting leadership unless there is urgent need for it, and no time to discuss it first.   



We expect everyone to max-out bases and troops before upgrading to a new TH level. After upgrading to the next TH level focus on offensive first. Start with offensive buildings like the spell factory, camps and CC, and start upgrading troops that you use in your favourite attack strategy.

DON'T built any new defences that come with the new TH level, and DON'T upgrade any of the existing defences either, UNTIL you prove yourself capable of getting 3 star versus bases that already have these defence levels. So i.e. don't built any infernos until you regularly 3 star bases with inferno's yourself.



We communicate well. This website is an example of how important we view communication. So if you need help or advice just ask. If you have something to say, speak up. If you have something to add then contribute.

We also have a message board (Forum). Here we can share strategies, base layouts or anything else you think that help us grow.Although we haven't used the past few months very often, we urge any member to register and make good use of it. It are these little details that can make the difference between the good and the best.

During registration you are asked to fill in your email address. If you feel uncomfortable to share your  email, you can use a non-existing address. But beware, if you do so you cannot reset your password. You email will visible to none but the administrator, and will not be used for anything else. After registration you have to wait for the administrator to approve your request before you can login.

These are 'the basics' of what we expect from our members. Others posts go into things further and help guide you around what we do as a clan.

As always, if you need anything just ask - enjoy your 2.1


DisObey 2.1 is clash of Clans War Clan.

Founded in December 2014 by MOTU as a holiday camp for DisObey 2.0.

Part of the DisObey Family: Disobey ** DisObey2.0 ** Discreet ** DisFunctional ** Disrupt 

Reformed in January 2015 into the active War Clan it is today.